Faculty feedback

"Andrew has brought together a fantastic team with this new venture. I look forward to focusing on performance and technique with the students. Getting the chance to be part of an intensive course like this will hopefully give them a real boost and, for some, bring their dreams that bit closer to reality."
Wayne Sleep

"It is not often one gets the chance to share your experiences and dedication with students so keen to become professional dancers."
Agnes Oakes

"As an International Guest Artist one sees many young students in schools around the world with potential. This will be a great opportunity to pass on and share ones passion for dance."
Thomas Edur

"I am thrilled to be part of such a world-class faculty. I am sure the students will soak up every word of advice and take away an experience of a life time."
Vanessa Donkin

"Technique, Performance and Musicality are all part of our great art form. Combine this with talent and dedication and you have the potential to succeed. I look forward to sharing this with the students."
Irek Mukhamedov

"Working with my friends in the dance world on this course will be an inspiration to me and I am sure will be very special for the students"
Anthony Dowson

"I have been privileged to persue my chosen career as a professional dancer. Working with The Royal Ballet and many ballerinas, choreographers and teachers has given me great pleasure and satisfaction. I am delighted to have the chance to teach a new generation of talented dancers."
Jonathan Cope


Student feedback

"I wanted to thank you once again for offering Henry the chance to attend the course. When I asked him what the most important thing was that he had learned during the week, he replied "it gave me inspiration to be the best". The chance to learn from some of the best male ballet dancers has inspired him to be as good as them - he seems to have come away more 'in tune' with how his body works and was showing me how to get a straighter leg and better pointed feet in a particular position."
Mrs Sue Perkins (parent)

Sophie Farrell"Just a few lines to say how much Sophie enjoyed the Easter Dance School at Dulwich. She's already talking about next year! Please pass on thanks to all the faculty and to your wife for all the hard work which made it such a success. Even in such a short time her dancing has definitely improved."
Mrs Jane Farrell (parent and dance teacher)

Left: Andrew Ward, Middle: Katherine Gurr, Right: Vanessa Donkin"Thank you again for running such a splendid Easter course, Katherine really enjoyed herself and learnt a great deal from all the faculty. She is still on cloud 9 and there is no sign of her coming down!"
Mrs Angela Gurr (parent)

Benjamin Roomes"Thank you very much for the Dance Forward Course, it was great fun and a great experience. The course was fantastic, I thought you were a great teacher and I loved having been taught by Jonathan Cope, Wayne Sleep, Thomas Edur and yourself. When I got home after the course, I put on some old ballet shoes, went into the garden and showed my parents some of the exercises that I had been taught. My Mum and Dad were pleased that I had learnt so much from all the dancing. I have now got into the Elmhurst Dance School. I will come back again next year. Thank you so much."
Benjamin Roomes

"I am writing to thank you very much for the fantastic time I had at the Dance Forward Easter School. I enjoyed every minute of it. The class demonstrated to us by rising stars of the Royal Ballet was especially amazing. I also loved being taught by Wayne Sleep because he is a fantastic dancer, choreographer and character in himself."
"I found it very interesting and enjoyable, experiencing classes with other teachers and dancers as they all have a different way of teaching ballet. Also, the opportunity to perform different choreography was great fun, although I think that we all had aching toes after the pointe work! I came home feeling that I had learnt a lot in only 5 days."
Ellie Sharpe

"I am writing to let you know how much I enjoyed the Dance Forward Easter Dance School. My favourite classes were with Jonathan Cope and Vanessa Donkin because they were able to break down the steps that I hadn't been taught. I learnt a lot of new steps that will improve my ballet. I made a lot of new friends and we had fun in our free time, we are keeping in touch. I will book again next year. I cannot wait to meet some of my friends again at the Easter School and make some more!"
Rebecca Haw

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