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Adult Ballet Day - 16, 17 April

Dance Forward will run a 1 or 2 Day Adult Ballet Course.  The second day includes a performance in the afternoon.  



Venue: The Royal Acadmey of Dance, HQ Battersea London

Have you ever been to see The Royal Ballet dance and wonder

what it would be like to be taught a ballet class

by your favourite ballet idol!


Sarah Lamb or Federico Bonelli


Just imagine having...


  • An 1 1/2 hour class with an ex Principal of The Royal Ballet accompanied by a pianist to keep you on your toes every step of the way. 

  • After the excitement and only a moments pause you have the chance to have a piece created especially for you by a choreographer and ex ballerina of The Royal Ballet

  • After chatting with your fellow adult ballet friends over a lunch break it is time to get back into the studio with one of the world's top male dancers... Federico Bonelli.  He will take you through your paces to either dance some repertoire or simply get some tips on how to improve your pirouettes or grand allegro

  • By this time you will want a welcome rest but it does not stop here!  Have you ever wanted to see a Prima Ballerina in action in the dance studio at close quarters?  You will have the rare opportunity to do just that as Sarah Lamb takes you through your paces!


  • If you sign up for both days you will have the opportunity to perform a piece in front of a live audience so you to can get the buzz of performing under your belt!

vanessa dancing roberta 2AW Snow King

Join the galaxy of stars and improve your very own star turns.  


RAD studio


What ever you do...  there are limits in every walk of life so Dance Forward has set a maximum number of Adult applicants to 25!

Course Fees

 Day 1

£160                            with payment by cheque or *direct bank transfer.


Day 1 & 2

£280                           with payment by cheque or *direct bank transfer.

Paying by credit card... its £5 more per day!  Click on the Course tab and then booking tab.


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For an application form click above or email

Don't leave it to the last minute to book your place... when the last place is gone it is gone! 



1.  It is not possible to book individual classes so it's either all or none!  You can sit and watch if you decide you need a rest but the price is the same!

2.  Spectators will not be allowed for the Adult Ballet Sessions (except performance session on day 2) 

3.  Applicants must be aged 18 years or over

4.  Maximum applicants 25 persons

5. * Please email if you would like to pay by online bank transfer


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